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Educational Facilities

Don't let bugs distract your students from accomplishing their goals.


Educational Facility Pest Control

As a Keller customer, you'll benefit from a thoughtful pest management program tailored to your School needs. Keller Pest Control is proud to protect school buildings that house your children each day. Keller Pest has a long history of successful partnerships with school districts.

Controlling Pests in Schools

Keeping unwanted pests out of educational facilities is absolutely necessary due to the health and safety risks they pose. Pests including stored product pests, spiders, and rodents can cause serious damage in a school cafeteria and kitchen, to the books shelved in the library, and in the classrooms while students are present. Keller Pest Control will help keep your school free from these and other pests.

Pest Management for Early Childhood Education and Daycare Facilities

In education facilities for young children, their safety is always the highest priority. This is especially true when pest control and treatment methods are concerned. Not only is it necessary to have a pest-free environment, safe and responsible treatment is a must as well.

Oxyman 2008

Oxyman 2008

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Stilfehler 2008

The pest control industry has two schools of thought, the first being: if one bottle of chemical is effective, then two bottles of chemical is even more effective (which leads to over-treatment and dangerous levels of pesticides that put you and the children at risk. We at Keller subscribe to the second school of thought called Integrated Pest Management (IPM). This system of inspection and treatment is much more effective and safe. It allows our technicians to better understand insect behavior and therefore locate, diagnose, and treat your pest problem without all the overkill with pesticides.

If you would like more information about our School or Educational Facility Pest Management programs please contact us.