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Effective Pest Control for Storage Facilities


Warehouse and Storage Pest Control

Storage facilities face multiple problems involving pests including the typical spider or ant infestation, but also much more serious problems like stored product pests that can cause severe damage and result in financial loss.

Our customized Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programs factor into account your space layout, regulatory needs and maintenance, and sanitation practices to help stop pest problems before they start. IPM allows our technicians to accurately locate, diagnose, and provide targeted treatment methods. This means less pesticide, less health risks, and less cost, but twice the effectiveness and safety, which is absolutely necessary in locations where sanitation is essential, such as storage for food and animals.

Stored product pests are a group of insects named after their appetite for stored products such as flour, cereal, corn, and dried fruit, are menaces not only to homeowners, but to food storage facilities. For more information on identification and the effects of stored product pests, visit the stored product pests page of our pest library.

Pest Management for Libraries and Archives

Public libraries are places where the community gathers, bringing in people of all ages. Keller Pest has a history of successfully treating local libraries using the safest and more effective methods available in the industry.

Pests including ants, spiders, and others are banes to today's libraries and book storage locations. Given that the safety of the library's patrons is a top priority, keeping common areas pest free is important.

It is also necessary to protect the books and library property susceptible to damage from pests drawn to the glue used in book binding procedures and the cellulose material in the pages.

Effective pest control is absolutely necessary for the satisfaction and safety of your patrons and employees.

While ants and spiders can lead to discomfort in common areas, silverfish, cockroaches, and several species of beetles can cause irreparable damage to collection materials. Many problems can be prevented by the proper sanitation and environment, but once there is a problem in one book or one area, it is best to do a thorough inspection of the entire library.

Keller Pest Control utilizes Integrated Pest Management, allowing for the safest treatment methods for library patrons of all ages, employees, and the environment as well as being the most effective practices currently available in the pest control industry.

Please contact us to learn more about our Warehouse and Storage Facility Pest Management programs.